St. Pete’s New Crown Jewel

By: Jon Reno La Budde

It has been stated in advance and is very true that this collection is the Crown Jewel of St. Pete’s already fine and numerous galleries and museums. I could list them all but I will do that in a future issue.

Many of us, including myself, had pre-conceived notions of what blown glass artwork would look like. I say hold on to that thought, and then go for a tour of the gallery. The pleasant shock & amazement will carry you through the day. At the risk of using an overused saying ‘If you don’t believe me go see it for yourself’. This is where I urge you to pack up the kids and the ‘rents and take a trip to Dale Chihuly’s version of Never-Never Land. I hope to see you there.

[BLOGGER COMMENT: My 13-year old daughter visited the museum this past week and thought it was “really cool”. ]