About Us

Bison Financial Group is an entrepreneurial firm advising real estate investors, developers and turn-around artists that buy, build, sell and finance commercial real estate. Bison has developed distinct expertise in the acquisition and finance of distressed properties with tremendous upside potential. Bison welcomes opportunities to share our track record with potential equity investors, debt providers and clients.

When Bison Financial Group was formed in 1994 by brothers David and Jared Repka a running Bison was chosen as our corporate logo. Little did we know then how this running Bison would take over and truly symbolize the business we have created. The American Bison is one of the greatest symbols of the American West.

While its strength and endurance are legendary, it is a little known fact that the Bison can accelerate from a standing start to 30 miles per hour in as little as 3 steps.

We keep this visual image in mind during the deal making process as we pride ourselves on getting “up to speed” quickly and possess the dogged determination necessary to see complex transactions through to closing.

Please visit the track record section for specific transactions we have closed in as little as 8 days and 11 days.

As an acquisitions advisor to private equity investors, Bison seeks opportunities to make compelling investments in distressed or unwanted properties that can be acquired for less than their intrinsic value. Partnerships we advise have made outright purchases, joint venture investments and have purchased defaulted debt instruments. We love properties with a “story” and frequently close deals that other investors would not consider because they are too complicated, too unusual or require too quick a closing time for the average, cookie cutter institutional investor. Properties with entitlement issues, “difficult” sellers, occupancy problems and environmental “issues” are viewed as opportunities not deal killers.

Follow this link for our current acquisition appetite. Contact us today with a potential opportunity.

As financial  advisor to private investment partnerships, Bison has learned the hard way what lenders close quickly & efficiently and what lenders are a waste of time. Bison’s experience in placing debt and equity capital for our clients and partners is a resource of tremendous value to new clients.

Since Bison is in the market every day arranging financing, we have learned how to find funds that are fairly priced for the risk from a wide variety of sources that actually close on the terms originally proposed. Bison has closed transactions across the capital spectrum: hard money lenders, private equity investors, banks, life insurance companies, hedge funds, Wall Street Conduit Lenders and Fannie Mae DUS lenders.

We understand and welcome the opportunity to arrange financing for your next project. Follow this link to learn what we need to see to give your next project a sniff test.

Our track record at closing transactions speaks for itself: since the firm was founded we have been involved in more than a billion dollars of transactions. For a more detailed explanation of our closed transactions please click here for a list of our recent deals.

We  are creative problem solvers willing to roll up our sleeves and get transactions closed. If we can not get the deal done in house, we are happy to provide a name and number of a potential source.

Contact us today with a potential opportunity or send us an email to be added to our electronic distribution list for up to date information on compelling market opportunities.