Gov. Charlie Crist signs controversial growth bill

TALLAHASSEE – A growth management bill supported by business and development interests but opposed by environmentalists and local governments has become law with Gov. Charlie Crist’s signature.

According to the Governor’s Office:

The Community Renewal Act was taken up as a means to stimulate Florida’s economy and create jobs for our people. The Community Renewal Act does the following:

1. The bill incentivizes entrepreneurs to undertake economic development projects in designated urban areas.

2. The bill directs a study of a mobility fee system to replace proportionate share payments paid by developers for transportation impacts.

3. The bill also allows economic development projects to stay “in the pipeline” by extending the validity of development permits for two years.

4. The bill makes changes to our affordable housing programs to ensure affordable homes are available for those in need, including young adults leaving the state foster care system.

5. Finally, the bill encourages green building and storm resistant construction.

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