Infrastructure, Renewable Energy and Waste to Energy

The principals of Bison have always been fascinated by the virtually unlimited opportunities available in the world's largest industry, the energy industry.

We are blessed to live in an era when, for the first time in human history, the utopian vision of a future powered by clean, reliable, renewable energy is in our grasp and no longer just science fiction.

This multi-trillion dollar transformation of our energy infrastructure to renewables is being led by legendary entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Richard Branson.

Quick backstory:

When Lehman Brothers fell in 2008 and the commercial real estate market collapsed… we began researching investment opportunities outside our comfort zone of CRE. The flame of our intellectual curiosity was fanned by opportunities in cleantech (aka alternative energy / renewable energy / green energy).

We initially looked into opportunities to develop wind and solar projects, but Waste-to-Energy (WtE) really captured our imagination and entrepreneurial passion.

Rather than digging holes in the ground to bury our household garbage and medical waste, a WtE plant gets paid to use this energy rich resource as fuel to create and sell baseload electricity to the grid or a direct customer. A WtE plant reduces the amount of material shipped to landfills by 95% and diversifies the production of electricity.

The principals of Bison teamed up with a technology partner has created 3000+ WtE machines since the 1960s. We bring a solution set that includes bankable technology and the construction funding needed to design, build, own and operate each project. Our business development team is currently in pre-development on projects in the The Americas, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, Asia & Africa.

We have compelling co-investment opportunities available that will generate significant, multi-generational returns for our financial partners. For more information contact David Repka.