As principals we are seeking the following investment opportunities:

Build-to-Suit Opportunities - Willing to take construction risk, liquidity risk, and lock-in capital for a long duration for credit profiles we like. The tenants do not need to be rated by S&P, Moody or Fitch. We are willing to review audited financials of large, financially qualified tenants. Seeking:

  • Office / Medical Office / R&D
  • Retail
  • Industrial / Flex / Warehouse / Data Centers / Cold Storage
  • Municipal Infrastructure Assets:
    • special-use / special purpose assets including, but not limited to roads, bridges, municipal offices, government buildings, courthouses, jails, dormitories, student housing, hospitals, parks, and sewage treatment plants.
  • Willing to look at just about any asset type as long as it is leased on a long-term lease to a tenant we like.
  • Willing to take "market risk" as opposed to "credit risk" in only two areas:
    • student housing in "shooting fish in a barrel" / beachfront locations to growing colleges and universities
    • grocery anchored retail shopping centers
  • Sale / Leaseback / Expansion / Renovation / New Construction Opportunities of Properties with Credit Tenants (or "bankable" tenants that are below the strict criteria of the rating agencies) - we are wiling to take on construction risk eliminates 98% of the potential competition for net leased assets.

Renewable Energy / Cleantech projects with an income stream created by a Power Purchase Agreement from a high credit quality offtaker.

We will consider solar and wind, but our primary focus is waste-to-energy projects

When you are ready to discuss a live deal - please contact David Repka.