As principals we are seeking the following investment opportunities:

Sale / Leasebacks and Build-to-Suit Opportunities - Willing to take construction risk, liquidity risk, and lock-in capital for a long duration for credit profiles we like. The tenants do not need to be rated investment grade by S&P, Moody or Fitch (but it helps). We are willing to review audited financials of large, financially qualified tenants. Willing to look at just about any asset type as long as it is leased on a long-term lease to a tenant we like. We have on-balance sheet and off-balance sheet deal structures that meet the latest FASB and GASB rules. Seeking investments of $10 to $600 million per asset.

Property types considered:

  • Student Housing / Dormitories
  • Office
  • Healthcare / Hospital / Medical Office
  • Retail
  • Industrial / Flex / Warehouse / Cold Storage
  • Data Centers / Research & Development Parks
  • Mission Critical Municipal Infrastructure Assets:
    • Municipal offices
    • Special Use Government assets such as courthouses, jails, and sewage treatment plants.

Renewable Energy / Cleantech projects with an income stream created by a Power Purchase Agreement from a high credit quality offtaker.

We will consider solar and wind, but our primary focus is waste-to-energy projects

When you are ready to discuss a live deal - please contact David Repka.