Hometown Democracy? Sounds great in theory… who doesn't like Democracy? Until you learn more…

And you learn that Hometown Democracy shifts many of the planning and zoning decisions from professionals that have spent a career working through the critical issues to all the voters. America was not founded as a Democracy with majority rule but as a Republic in which elected officials are selected by the people to study the issues and do what is best for their constituents.

The City of St. Pete Beach is the first city in Florida to select Hometown Democracy. It has been a nightmare. When individual voters are presented with potentially hundreds of referendums in each election cycle… nothing happens. The practice of “voting on everything” creates information overload. The result is exactly what the “Hometown Democracy” folks want to happen: no growth, no economic development & no new jobs. They have their own piece of paradise and they don’t want anything to happen in their backyard. They use the word democracy as a marketing buzzword and ask, “how dare someone not like Democracy? That’s like turning your back on motherhood and apple pie“.

Don’t let them distort the issues… please visit http://www.florida2010.org to learn more on this critical topic.