SEC Changes the Rules and Blows Up 80 Year Old Ban Against Advertising

By David Repka

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday the game is different. We wake up to the sunrise on a new day in which the old rules no longer apply. The 80 year old ban against advertising to attract investors is now a matter of history.

What does this mean? It means disintermediation. It means breaking down the walls that kept those with capital separated from those that need access to capital to grow their businesses, help their communities and create jobs. It means that business owners can now openly and notoriously promote that they need capital for their business rather than working the back rooms and passing the hat at local Country Clubs and fraternal organizations to get access to wealthy investors.

It now means the wealthy investors will have more choices and more transparency in their private equity investments.

To compare and contrast the differences between last years financial flavor of the week, Crowdfunding, and the new day that has emerged as a result of the SEC blowing up the ban on advertising, please follow this link to view a slide deck I put together on Haiku *. Hope you enjoy it.

Read more in the New York Times

* DISCLAIMER: I am not an attorney and not giving legal advice. Always seek competent counsel in any financial path you pursue.