Building Your Personal Brand

I’m back from South Beach after moderating a panel discussion on personal branding at the Crittenden Commercial Real Estate Conference. I was lucky to have an all star panel of:

Robert Barber, CCIM of Accelerated Real Estate Services

Dr. Diana Driscoll, O.D. of Ridgeline Hospitality, LLC

Eric Odum of Net Lease Commercial Advisory

M. Jeffrey Vinzani, Esq. of Nexsen Pruet, LLC

At a conference blanketed by the dark skies of the uncertainty and dread facing commercial real estate professionals, this panel was a ray of hope that if you work hard to build your personal brand using low-cost social media, you can survive and prosper while other folks are paralyzed by doubt and inaction.

Anyone that would like to view our presentation (Building_Your_Personal_Brand) can download it in pdf format from this blog in the widget to the right. Looking forward to your comments.


PS – after our brief panel intro we showed the short video “Is social media a fad” to get folks in the mood